MMS Ltd successfully delivered the complex M & E services installation for this bespoke new build Defence IT facility.

MMS were appointed by Carillion Enterprise as their preferred contractor to install the complex M & E systems serving a bespoke defence infrastructure building facility.

The project combined the unusual engineering challenges of highly variable localised heat gains within a building layout that allowed for full operational flexibility, a minimum energy brief, and all in a high security environment. These constraints led to the development of a highly integrated M & E services system involving complex automated controls. As the M&E Contractor MMS then faced particular challenges in terms of demonstrating that all the various installed systems met the design brief and installation specification completely for quality, performance, reliability, control and automation.

One half of the building was served via a robust close control air conditioning plant and a zoned displacement ventilation system, with full duty & standby plant. This system was configured to make maximum use of available free-cooling, backed up by chilled water cooling. A separate storage and dispatch area in the building utilised excess thermal energy recovered from the conditioned space. The building controls system therefore needed to maintain stable environmental conditions in all zones, whilst accommodating seasonal changes and sudden fluctuations in operational load, irrespective of any item of duty plant trip out.

MMS worked closely with the client and consultant to produce an exhaustive testing and commissioning plan in order that the facility could be handed over to Dii as a warranted and fully operational facility with zero latent defects. This was critical due the buildings strategic and operational function. The test plan included static and system quality checks, pre-commissioning, commissioning, full load testing and plant failure tests.

It was a credit to the quality of the installation work that the building passed all tests and inspections with flying colours and was delivered to the client on time and in budget.


Mechanical Services:

  • Close Control Air Conditioning
  • Displacement Ventilation System
  • Chilled Water Installation
  • Radiant Heating
  • Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Sanitary Installations
  • Automated Controls / BMS

Electrical Services:

  • New Mains Incomer & Power Filter
  • Switchgear & LV Distribution
  • Secure Small Power Installation
  • Photometric Lighting
  • Fire & Security Systems
  • Data & Comms Infrastructure
  • Earthing / Lightening Protection


Carillion Enterprise

MoD RPC Central


2009 – 2010

Project Value


How we added value

MMS worked closely with the client and consultants to initially develop a detailed commissioning plan. MMS were highly flexible to accommodate and co-ordinate the numerous trades, specialists and clients own specialist contractors to ensure the building was delivered on time with zero defects.