MMS 2018 Xmas Gala

Last year saw a change to MMS’s Xmas party celebrations with around 120 staff in attendance, MMS celebrated the Xmas festivities at Birmingham’s NEC’s Wonderland. With acrobatics, fair ground rides, dancing and even a midnight breakfast, but most of all great company, a fabulous evening was had by all.

Unfortunately, due to various people being too busy busting out their moves on the dance floor, racing it out on the dodgems or spinning themselves silly on the waltzers, this years group photo was smaller than we had anticipated however the smiles all around are really what make it count!

We hope that everyone had a fantastic Xmas and New Year with their loved ones and we hope that 2019 is a prosperous one for all.

We’ve Updated our Objectives


Company Objectives                                                                                                          

Sustainable Delivery, by managing productivity, planning of work and materials to ensure that our time is productive and the purchase of materials is at cost effective rates.

Manage and Work Safely, supporting our customer and external advisors so making a continuous effort to review, plan and carry out work safely, considering what works well and not so well, consider what can we do differently?

Image, we must present ourselves in a courteous manner to our client and end user, we should wear clean and approved work wear at all times and keep vehicles that are provided to you clean and tidy.

Lead by Example, working with each other, in helpful and respectful ways and provide clear communication to and from manager, peers, co-workers and our regional prime administrators who have the challenging task of ensuring we meet performance targets.

Effective Solutions, A continuous review of the actual cost of jobs and consider different ways of working to achieve a cost less than our average job pack value.