Loughborough Foxes take home the County Cup

Thursday 14th of April – A big day for Loughborough foxes who were preparing for the Womens Senior County Cup Final held in whetstone last week.

The Loughborough foxes were on fire with a promising half time score of 2-0, finishing the game 4-0 and winning the team the county cup.

A very big well done and congratulations to the team from everyone here at MMS!



Matt Bishop makes the spring edition of the Eagleye

MMS’s very own Matt Bishop has made this seasons edition of the Eagleye magazine for his part in the opening of the new Combat Centre at Wyton. A number of specific individuals have been acknowledged for the support provided to enable this centre to come to fruition. Matt had been responsible for providing the fitting out and finishing touches to the centre including fitting of the grappling mat’s and putting up the bespoke art work created for the new centre.

On the 10th February 2016 Wyton’s new Combat Centre was officially opened to the station.

IMG_0819  IMG_0822





Congratulation’s on this achievement Matt!

A warm welcome to new MMS employees!

MMS are pleased to announce the successful TUPE of more than 20 new staff into the business from the Friday 1st April. The MMS team were able to produce fantastic results and organisation second to none regardless of the incredibly tight deadlines.

We have high hopes that the new contract will be as successful as the existing area’s and are very much looking forward to making a real difference for the end users on these new sites.

I would like to offer a huge thank you to the team that made it all possible and a very warm welcome to the new staff who have joined us!

Andy Pitchford